Bilbie & Friends Blanket CAL

Introduction and Preparation


Hi… this is one of the most exciting post and project of my life!!

My first CAL project, and a first Israeli one, real blue and white!!

Where can you find information and instructions?

The Cal was first published on 5th May 2016 and now is going to republished starting on             all information and instructions will be here, in my web blog  – the blog is in Hebrew but all the posts of this CAL will be translated to English (US terms)  and in ravelry

The instructions will be published once a week on Thursday.

I am very  excited to be hosted by CAL – Crochet A Long  Facebook group, you can Share your photos there, or in my FB groupe and you can use the hashtag  #bilbie_blanket_cal


*** link below in the The Schedule***

English (us term)

Why Bilbie?

Because of the braids (cables)…. (Bilbie is the Hebrew name of PiPi Longstocking who has braids) – in Hebrew there is one word for braids & cables.

When I decided to design a blanket as a CAL project, I knew the blanket will be about cables.

It’s an area that many crocheters don’t know it’s possible…. So yes, crochet cables…

The truth is, once you understand how it works, you learn how easy and simple it is, you don’t need an extra needle like when knitting cables, you can even fall in love with cables and all those possibilities…

What about the friends?

Well, my first crochet group is called – YONA VILLAGE CROCHET LADIES. Each one of the group is a special and unique lady, they accompany me almost from the beginning, they double my strength, they give me a lot of inspiration and love, we turned into a happy crochet family, and so I decided to cherish them by naming each block of the blanket with each of their names…

I would like to give thanks: Sharon Nevo and Iris Fait.

A little about Bilbie & friends

When I started to design the blocks of the blanket, I decided that all the fun in crocheting this blanket is in the cables and colors, and didn’t want to spend a lot of energy in finishing off with lots of ends. So I designed 12 large blocks, so that the joining will be relatively simple, and we can design a lovely border to finish it off…

The project is made of 14 parts and will take approximately 4 months:

12 large blocks – in each block a new design of cables.

One extra part (optional) for enlarging each block.

Last part – border.

O.K., so what do you need to know?

To crochet Bilbie & friends blanket you need to know the basic crochet technics.

Basic stitches – single crochet, double crochet.

Advanced stitches – treble crochet, double treble crochet, front and back posts.

The instructions will include photos and videos (in Hebrew)  to make it easier and to show how and where to hook in.


Each block requires:

 about 130g (and almost 200g with the extension) when using 6 mm hook.

about 100g when using  5 mm hook.

You can use a different color for each block or one color for all the blocks.

Finished size:

With 6mm hook  – about 110 X 170 cm without the extension and the border.

The extension adds about 3cm on each side of the block.

The border adds about 5cm on each side of the blanket.

The Schedule:


Part 1 – 5th May 2016 Relaunch 12.11.17

Bilbie & friends Blanket CAL part 1 - Maayan D Cable

Part 2 – 12th May 2016 Relaunch 19.11.17

Part 3 – 19th May 2016 Relaunch 26.11.17

Part 4 – 26th May 2016 Relaunch 3.12.17

Part 5 – 2nd June 2016 Relaunch 10.12.17

Part 6 – 9th June 2016 Relaunch 17.12.17

Part 7 – 16th June 2016 Relaunch 24.12.17

Part 8 – 23th June 2016 Relaunch 31.12.17

Part 9 – 30th June 2016 Relaunch 7.1.18

Part 10 – 5th July 2016 Relaunch 14.1.18

Part 11 – 14th July 2016 Relaunch 21.1.18

Part 12 – 21th July 2016 Relaunch 28.1.18

Expansion and joining  – 21st July 2016 Relaunch 4.2.18

Border – 28th July 2016 Relaunch 11.2.18

So who is joining me to crochet Bilbie & friends blanket?

See you at the first block instructions 

Simply create.


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